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BHF: web/print/PR/radio fundraising campaign for BHF shops. Brand Guardian and lead writer.



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M&G: authorship and stewardship of new tone of voice. Plus brand development across all comms. Brand Guardian. Ski campaign – winner of European Marketing Campaign Of The Year award 2012.



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Shelter: Fundraising DM packs & web content. Pitch win and lead team.



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Scope: brand development; interactive poster/press/web campaign

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Superdrug: fully integrated campaign demonstrating the bright colours of Gosh cosmetics.



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Samaritans: beer mats & tube gates – campaign development

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Action On Hearing Loss: fundraising DM packs. Tone of voice development.



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BT: DM pack reassuring existing customers that their products are adaptable.



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Cancer Research UK: DM pack to encourage women to make regular donations instead of one-off payments.



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Proctor and Gamble, Fairy: Press campaign announcing that school children had been asked to redesign the Fairy logo.



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HTC: press ads to launch the new HTC mobile phones.